Author Information / Manuscript Formatting and Templates

Please use the following guidelines when preparing your manuscript:

  • LENGTH: Maximum manuscript length is five (5) pages. However, CCNC will accept six (6) pages. Manuscripts in excess of five pages will be charged an over-length fee of $100 for the sixth page.
  • LANGUAGE: All proposals must be in English.
  • FORMAT: The formatting sheet (manuscript formatting guideline) is available in PDF
  • TEMPLATE: The following style files and templates are available for users of LaTeX and Microsoft Word:

    We recommend that you use the Word file or LaTeX files to produce your document, since they have been set up to meet the formatting guidelines listed above. When using these files, double-check the paper size in your page setup to make sure you are using the letter-size paper layout (8.5" X 11"). The LaTeX environment files specify suitable margins, page layout, text, and a bibliography style. Although this environment has been extensively tested, there may be rare instances when it is not fully robust."