Panel #1

Title:   The Convergence of the Broadband Home: from networks to devices to services 

Abstract:   The integrated broadband home is not yet a reality even though the availability of fast Internet access and other online services.  The panel will discuss about obstacles and opportunities for the wide adoption and the convergence of the broadband home.  Who will play an active role in the entire end to end food chain: Telcos, Service Providers, Content Providers, Consumer Electronics and IT vendors or will there be a market push from the customers?  What is the role of standards in this convergence: too many? too few? too far away from each other?

Moderator:    Paolo Pastorino, Chief Technology Officer, Home Gateway Initiative

 Panel #2

Title:    The Quad Play- what's it all about? 

Abstract:      With the increased proliferation of broadband to the home and in the home, network operators, content providers, and equipment device vendors are eyeing Quad Play as perhaps the 'next big thing' and opportunity.  Quad Play adds mobile to voice, data, and video services, fits into the convergence trend, and radically expands the value chain and landscape in the home and in the network.  But is it going to be the next big thing or will it be like Quadraphonic sound? This panel will look at the enabling wired and wireless technologies, the bundled telephony / data/TV offerings being introduced and contemplated, the players in Quad Play, and consumer demand factors to provide a view into the future of Quad Play? 

Moderator:    Deepak Kamlani, Global Inventures     

 Panel #3

Title:    Short Range Wireless- where's it going? 

Abstract:          In recent years, short range wireless has dominated the headlines and provoked some intense political battles.  The technologies incorporated in short range wireless include ZigBee, WiMedia (UWB), Bluetooth, Wireless USB, and many other variations.  While each technology offers a clear value proposition, is the multiplicity of options too much of a good thing?  What are the key consumer applications each supports and where does each fit best?  Do they play well together and complement or are they substitutes?  What linkage is there to wired technologies?  This panel will bring together subject matter experts from the technology community, and the business world, to offer perspective and answers. 

Moderator:       Deepak Kamlani, Global Inventures

Panel #4

Title:    IPTV -- Hype or Reality 

Abstract:   For the past two years there have been lots of announcements about IPTV trials and technologies. While there have been some small-scale trials and experiments, the number of large-scale deployments is still small.  A number of issues related to performance, scalability, and operations have been uncovered during trials. 

Moderator:    Dave Waring, Telcordia

Panel #5

Title:    SIP -- For Geeks or Consumers 

Abstract:    The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is at the heart of many Voice over IP (VoIP) implementations and deployments.  But the question this panel will explore is whether VoIP is really being used by the general consumer or if it's still mainly used by techies. The barriers for more widespread consumer deployment of SIP and other VoIP technologies will be discussed. 

Moderator:  TBD

Panel #6

Title:    Digital Rights Management -- a necessary evil? 

Abstract:  Content rights holders are strong proponents of digital rights management technology for ˇ°protectingˇ± their digital content. However, many variants of DRM are deployed and consumers are struggling to understand the differences between them, how interoperable they are, and the restrictions/limitations that are imposed on them by the variety of mechanisms. 

Moderator:   TBD

Panel #7

Title:    What's the next Ringtone 

Abstract:      The success of RingTones caught many people by surprise. In the world of digital content, what will be the next RingTone. Will there ever be another application/service with the success of the RingTone or in the new world of user-generated content (e.g., Blogs, YouTube, MySpace). This panel will debate what the next killer application/service will be, and will even discuss whether or not there ever will be another killer application/service. If there is to be another killer application, what must happen technically and in the market to make it happen? 

Moderator:       Shoshi Loeb, Telcordia