Panel SP-1:   The Convergence of the Broadband Home: from networks to devices to services

Date:   January 11, 2007

Abstract:   The integrated broadband home is not yet a reality even though the availability of fast Internet access and other online services.  The panel will discuss about obstacles and opportunities for the wide adoption and the convergence of the broadband home.  Who will play an active role in the entire end to end food chain: Telcos, Service Providers, Content Providers, Consumer Electronics and IT vendors or will there be a market push from the customers?  What is the role of standards in this convergence: too many? too few? too far away from each other?


Moderator: Paolo Pastorino, Chief Technology Officer, Home Gateway Initiative

Paolo Pastorino holds a degree in Physics (M.S.) from the University of Torino, ITALY, and a Master in Telecommunications and Information Technology from COREP/SSGRR, Italy.  

He is currently on leave from Telecom Italia to cover the challenging role of Chief Technology Officer and Chief Business Officer of the Home Gateway Initiative (

For his current activity he relies on his experience ranging from the design of optoelectronic devices to the design of broadband access network architectures and advanced residential/SOHO broadband networking and service solutions.

He managed several national and international projects in the broadband home networking domain and he is author of papers about the broadband home and speaker to several international conferences.


Scott Smyers, Chairman, Board of Directors, Digital Living Network Alliance

Scott Smyers serves as the chairman of the Board of Directors of the Digital Living Network Alliance and as President of DLNA Corporation.

Aside from his DLNA duties, Mr. Smyers is also Vice President of the Network and Systems Architecture Division of the Platform Technology Center of America at Sony Electronics. Mr. Smyers' particular area of focus is system architecture, system I/O and interfaces.  

Through his leadership as chairman of the 1394 Trade Association's AV Working Group over the course of seven years, Mr. Smyers has served a pivotal role in bringing about a suite of standards that define consumer device discovery and control.  

Mr. Smyers now also serves as the Chairman of the CE Linux Forum Steering Committee, and has in the past served as CTO and member of the Board of Directors of the 1394 Trade Association and on the UPnP Steering Committee.

Mr. Smyers holds a B.A. in Physics and Philosophy from Cornell University.


Frank Hanzlik, Managing Director, WiFi Alliance

Frank Hanzlik is Managing Director of the Wi-Fi Alliance, the worldwide trade association for the Wi-Fi industry. With close to 20 years of experience in the wireless and communication industries, he is responsible for leading strategy, business development and operations for the organization and driving worldwide growth in the $5 billion per year Wi-Fi industry.  

Prior to the Wi-Fi Alliance, Frank was Vice President of Marketing and Product Management at Mobilian Corporation, a fabless semiconductor start-up company.  As an early member of the executive team, he built the marketing and sales organization, successfully positioning Mobilian as an early leader in multi-standard wireless chipsets, and launching the world's first chipset to support the simultaneous operation of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. 

Before joining Mobilian, Frank was a senior manager at Dell Computer Corporation, where he built a communications product marketing organization to support Dell's $11 billion dollar consumer and small business product lines.  There, he launched several market leading products in wireless, home networking, and broadband, including the company's first Wi-Fi product in 1999, an industry first. 

Prior to Dell, Frank spent 11 years at Motorola in a variety of positions of increasing responsibility in the sales and marketing of cellular and land mobile radio products. There, he drove the definition and implementation of the world's first digital land mobile radio product.  Later, he ran the product management organization for Motorola's Intelligent Network business, which delivered enhanced voice and data services to cellular operators worldwide. 

Frank holds an MBA from Northwestern University's J.L. Kellogg School of Management and an undergraduate in Business Administration from the University of Illinois, Urbana/Champaign.   

Frank currently serves as a member of the steering committee for the Austin Wireless Alliance and the wireless advisory board for the Austin Technology Incubator. An avid adventure seeker, he has trekked to the base camp of Mt. Everest.

Stan Moyer, President, OSGi Alliance

Stan Moyer is Executive Director and strategic research program manager in the Applied Research area of Telcordia Technologies, where he has worked since 1990. Recently, he has led research and business development activities related to digital content services and home networking. On these and other topics, Stan has been a frequent speaker at events such as the IEEE's Consumer Communications and Network Conference (CCNC), IETF, The Broadband Home conferences, IEEE's International Conference on Communications (ICC), and other technical workshops. In the past he has worked on ATM switch hardware, broadband network architectures and protocols, middleware, Internet network and application security, Internet QoS, and voice over IP.  

Stan is currently a senior member of the IEEE and a member of the IEEE Communications Society. He is a member of the board and treasurer for the IEEE Communications Society, vice-chair of the IEEE CCNC steering committee, and past co-editor of the Consumer Communications and Networking series in IEEE Communications Magazine.


Panel SP- 2:  The Quad Play- what's it all about?

Date:   January 11, 2007

Abstract:   With the increased proliferation of broadband to the home and in the home, network operators, content providers, and equipment device vendors are eyeing Quad Play as perhaps the 'next big thing' and opportunity.  Quad Play adds mobile to voice, data, and video services, fits into the convergence trend, and radically expands the value chain and landscape in the home and in the network.  But is it going to be the next big thing or will it be like Quadraphonic sound?  This panel will look at the enabling wired and wireless technologies, the bundled telephony / data/TV offerings being introduced and contemplated,  the players in Quad Play, and consumer demand factors to provide a view into the future of Quad Play

Moderator: Deepak Kamlani, CEO, Global Inventures

Deepak Kamlani founded Global Inventures as Interprise Ventures after the company he worked for, Centex Telemanagement, Inc. was acquired by MFS Communications in 1994. At Centex, he was responsible for marketing and during his tenure Centex's revenue grew from $40M to $216M. His experience is exclusively in the technology sector and includes P & L management, and marketing, product development, and management, strategic programs and business development for leading US, European, and Japanese companies.  

Deepak began his career with Standard Telephones and Cables, Ltd., then a division of ITT Corporation in the U.K. (and later ICL and Northern Telecom), where he worked with senior management to develop new corporate strategies following telecom market liberalization. He then moved to GTE Corporation in the U.S., where he supported a corporate development team involved in the acquisition of Sprint Communications, managed direct sales operations for the large PBX and private network division, and helped develop and introduce the F9600 Broadband PBX for the U.S. market for Fujitsu GTE Business Systems (FGBS). Following this, Deepak was responsible for marketing for Toshiba America's Telecommunications Systems Division. He was Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Votrax, Inc., a supplier of integrated CTI equipment, and led business development, technology transfer, and strategic ventures for NTT America, Inc before moving to Centex.  

Deepak graduated with an Honors degree in Physical Chemistry from University College, University of London, in 1979, and a M.S. in Management from The Imperial College, also in the University of London, in 1981. He serves on the advisory board of start-ups, provides advisory services to venture capital firms, and is a frequent speaker at technology seminars and shows around the world. 

Dr. Dave Marples
, Chief Scientist, Telcordia Technologies
TBD, Comcast

Panel SP- 3:    Digital Rights Management ¡ª a necessary evil?

Date and Time: January 12, 2007

Abstract:  Content rights holders are strong proponents of digital rights management technology for ¡°protecting¡± their digital content.  However, many variants of DRM are deployed and consumers are struggling to understand the differences between them, how interoperable they are, and the restrictions/limitations that are imposed on them by the variety of mechanisms. 

Moderator: William Myers, Motorola 

Knox Carey
, Intertrust
Prof. Edward Delp
, Purdue
Mike McGuire
, Gartner

Panel SP- 4:   What will be the next RingTone Boom?

Date and Time: January 12, 2007

Abstract:   The download ringtone market grew by over 500% between 2000 and 2005 as short reproductions were made of everything from chart hits to television theme tunes. The success of the Ringtone business caught many people by surprise and is still somewhat of a mystery. In the world of digital content (e.g., Blogs, YouTube, Myspace) and location based personal services (e.g., Meet Moi) can we expect a similar boom? The panel will debate what it will take both technically and in the market to allow for a new multi billion dollar killer up to emerge. 

Moderator: Shoshana Loeb, Chief Scientists, Telcordia Technologies

Shoshana Loeb, Ph.D., is an executive, a leader, an inventor and an entrepreneur with a proven track record in creating, operating and growing innovative technology organizations and businesses.  

Currently, she is an Executive Director at Telcordia Technologies in Piscataway, NJ in the Applied Research organization leading  efforts focused on the creation of new innovative business models (including partnerships), new products and new business opportunities for next generation mobile phone applications including location based services and media and video based cell phone applications that address IMS SDP and the long-tail of e-commerce.   

In 2004-2005 Dr. Loeb was an Executive in Residence with Murex Investments, an early stage venture capital firm. Her contribution was in identifying and evaluating new investment opportunities in high tech products and services companies, developing portfolio management models, providing strategic operational assistance to the portfolio, and managing investments as a member of the board.  Also, she has designed and taught an executive level course on IT Strategy at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. 

Dr. Loeb holds a B.Sc. in Physical Chemistry from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel, a M.Sc. in Chemical Physics, and an award-winning  Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from The Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel.  She held a Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence at Yale University and was a Computer Science Professor at the State University of New York, where she received several NSF and DoT grants and contracts. Dr. Loeb has completed several Executive Training and Leadership programs at Wharton, Stanford, MIT, and Harvard Business Schools. She holds three US patents, authored over fifty scientific, technical and business publictions and appeared in media and industry events. She was showcased by NPR as a distinguished woman and Science and Technology. 

Dr. Loeb is married and lives in Philadelphia with her family. Her hobbies include long distance bike riding, predominantly for charity, and in 2004 she completed the ¡°Ride for the Roses¡± with Lance Armstrong in Austin, Texas. 


Rob Fish, Vice President, Panasonic Technologies

Deepak Kamlani, CEO, Global Inventures 

Andrew Weinrich, CEO, Meet Moi

Panel SP-5  IPTV ¡ª Hype or Reality

Date and Time: January 13, 2007

Abstract:   For the past several years there have been lots of announcements about IPTV technologies and trials. While there have been some small-scale trials and experiments, the number of large-scale deployments is still small. A number of issues related to performance, scalability and operations have been uncovered during trials. This panel will provide insight into key blocking issues, their resolution, and the prognosis for widespread IPTV deployment. 

Moderator: Dave Waring, Chief Scientist, Telcordia Technologies    



Dr. Alan Kaplan, Department Head, Panasonic Research   


Dr. Anton Monk, Chief Technology Officer, Entropic


David C. Gibbon, Technology Consultant, AT&T Labs 

Panel SP- 6: Short Range Wireless- where's it going?

Date and Time: January 13, 2007

Abstract:  In recent years, short range wireless has dominated the headlines and provoked some intense political battles.  The technologies incorporated in short range wireless include ZigBee, WiMedia (UWB), Bluetooth, Wireless USB, and many other variations.  While each technology offers a clear value proposition, is the multiplicity of options too much of a good thing?  What are the key consumer applications each supports and where does each fit best?  Do they play well together and complement or are they substitutes?  What linkage is there to wired technologies?  This panel will bring together subject matter experts from the technology community, and the business world, to offer perspective and answers. 

Moderator: Deepak Kamlani, CEO, Global Inventures


Dr. John Barr, Chairman of the Board, Bluetooth SIG and Director of Standards Realization, Motorola 

Bob Heile, Chairman, ZigBee Alliance and CTO, Appairent Technologies 

Stephen Wood, President, WiMedia Alliance and Technology Strategist, Intel Corporation