10:30 -12:10

Technical Sessions


Millimeter-Wave Radio for Commercial Applications (Special Session)

Chair:  Samuel Mo, Panasonic, US


On the Design of a Multi-Gigabit Short-Range Communication System in the 60GHz Band

Alireza Seyedi, Philips Research North America, US; Dagnachew Birru,  Philips Research, US


An Efficient Packet Transmission Scheme for Millimeter Wave

Vladimir Vishnevsky and Andrew Lyakhov, Russian Academy of Sciences, RU; Mikhail Yakimov, IITP, Russian Academy of Sciences, RU; Shaomin Mo and Alexander Gelman, Panasonic, US


2-Gbps Uncompressed HDTV Transmission over 60-GHz SiGe Radio Link

Yasunao Katayama, IBM Research, Tokyo Research Laboratory, JP; Chuck Haymes, IBM T.J.Watson Research Center, US; Daiju Nakano, IBM Tokyo Research Laboratory, JP; Troy Beukema, IBM T.J.Watson Research Center, US; Brian Gaucher, IBM, US; Kai Schleupen, IBM T.J.Watson Research Center, US


On the Effects of Misalignment and Angular Spread on the Beamforming Performance

Su Khiong Yong and Younghwan Kim, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, KR; Mustafa Sahin, University of South Florida, US


Performance Study of a Novel Architecture for Indoor Networks at 60GHz Using Extended Cells

Bao Linh Dang, Przemyslaw Pawelczak and Ignas Niemegeers,  Delft University of Technology, NL; Venkatesha Prasad, IISc, IN


Enabling Technologies for Multimedia Networks (Special Session)

Chairs: Huai-Rong Shao, Samsung, US; Nilanjan Banerjee, Suresh K. Chintada, Motorola India Research Labs


Implementation Experience of a Prototype for Video Streaming over Wireless Mesh Networks

Yingnan Zhu, Univ. of Missouri, US; Dekai Li, Mingquan Wu, Hang Liu, Saurabh Mathur, Thomson, Inc, US


Applying XML Signature and XML Encryption

to Peer-to-Peer Platform Security

Takeshi Kato, Hiromitsu Sumino and Norihiro Ishikawa,  NTT DoCoMo, Inc., JP; Shingo Murakami, Nippon Ericsson K.K., JP; Hirosato Tsuji, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, JP


Architecture of a Bidirectional Bluetooth-UPnP Proxy

Frank den Hartog, TNO Information and Communication Technology, NL; Ignas Niemegeers, TU Delft, NL; Antonio Madureira, KPN, NL; Johan Lukkien, Eindhoven University of Technology, NL; Archi Delphinanto, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, NL; Ton Koonen, TU/e, NL; Franklin Selgert, KPN, NL


Enabling Robust Network Fault Tolerance for IP-based Surveillance Systems

Chung-Ming Huang, Ching-Hsien Tsai, Jia-Xuan Huang and Cheng-Yen Chuang, National Cheng Kung University, TW


Capacity of VoIP Services in TDD OFDMA System with Different Delay Requirements

Hoyoung Choi, Hyunwoo Choi, Daehyoung Hong, and Jinwoo Choe, Sogang University, KR; Soon Young Yoon, Samsung Electronics, US


Medium Access (Lecture)

Chair: Linda Jiang Xie, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, US


Performance Analysis of IEEE 802.11 DCF with Heterogeneous Traffic

Xinhua Ling, Lin Cai, Jon Mark and Sherman Shen, University of Waterloo, CA


Performance Evaluation of IEEE 802.11a MAC Protocol for Vehicle Intersection Collision Avoidance System

Nader Rabadi and Syed Mahmud, Wayne State University, US


An Interference Aware Distributed MAC Scheme for CDMA-Based Wireless Mesh Backbone

Hai Jiang, Princeton University, US; Ping Wang,  Weihua Zhuang, Sherman Shen, University of Waterloo, CA


Enhanced Ad Hoc Qs: MAC-Independent Adaptive Traffic Differentiation in IEEE 802.11-based Ad Hoc Networks

Amir Mowlaei, Bu Sung Lee and Teck Meng Lim, Nanyang Technological University, SG


On the Performance of the Energy-Efficient Split FIFO-Buffer Architecture for the Medium Access Controller of IEEE 802.11 WLANs

In-Hang Chung, Chung-Hua University, TW; Duo Kim, PEK, TW


Wireless Routing and Topology Control (Lecture)

Chair: Hang Liu, Thomson Inc., US


An Extended AODV Routing for Reduction of Control Messages in Ad hoc Networks

Yoshikage Ochi, Takahisa Okazaki, Kazuhiko Kinoshita, Hideki Tode and Koso Murakami, Osaka University, JP


Delay Based Load aware Routing Protocol for Ad Hoc Networks

Yang Li and Hong Man, Stevens Institute of Technology, US


E2T: End-to-End Tunnelling Extension to Mobile IPv6

Deguang Le, University of Goettingen, DE; Xiaoyuan Gu, Technical University of Braunschweig, DE


An Efficient Stable Clustering Algorithm for Scalable Mobile Multi-hop Networks

Tinku Mohamed Rasheed, Laurent Reynaud, Usman Javaid and  Djamal-Eddine Meddour, France Telecom R&D, FR, Khaldoun Al Agha, University of Paris XI, FR


Energy-Efficient Data Aggregation Routing and Duty-Cycle Scheduling in Cluster-based Sensor Networks

Yean-Fu Wen, National Taiwan University (NTU), TW


P2P (Lecture)

Chair:  Alex Gelman, Panasonic, US


NAT Traversal Technology of Reducing Load on Relaying Server for P2P Connections

Hideo Yoshimi, Nobuyuki Enomoto, Zhenlong Cui, Kazuo Takagi and Atsushi Iwata, NEC Corporation, JP


An Overlay Architecture for Information Publication and Discovery after the Composition of Registries in Ambient Networks

Fatna Belqasmi and Rachida Dssouli, Concordia University, CA; Roch Glitho, Ericsson Canada, CA


Narrowcasting - Controlling Media Policy in SIP Multimedia Conferencing

Sabbir Alam and Michael Cohen, University of Aizu, JP; Ashir Ahmed, NTT Communications, JP


Performance Improvement of a Distributed Internet Coordinates System

Sathya Narayanan, Panasonic, US; Eunsoo Shim, Panasonic Princeton Laboratory, US


Seamless Failure Recovery for Real-time Premium Traffic in MPLS Networks

Mitsuo Hayasaka and Tetsuya Miki, The University of Electro-Communications, JP


Digital Content Support (Lecture)

Chair:  Dave Gibbon, AT&T Research, US


Cache & Carry: Seamless Content Consumption in an Intermittently Connected World

Rohit Chaudhri, Motorola, US; Michael Pearce, Motorola Labs, US; Jay Almaula, Motorola Inc., US; Venu Vasudevan, Motorola, Inc., US


A Dynamic Adaptive Threshold Transmission for XML Data on Networks

Xu Huang, Alexander Ridgewell and Dharmendra Sharma, University of Canberra, AU


New File System with Conditional Access System for Removable Media

Kiyohiko Ishikawa, NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), JP


N-times Consumable Digital Ticket and Its Application to Content Access Service

Hyoungshick Kim, Samsung Electronics, KR


Information Security Threats to Mobile Service Development

Reijo Savola, VTT Electronics, FI; Pasi Ahonen, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, FI


Wireless Transmission (Lecture)

Chair:  King-Shan Lui, The University of Hong Kong, China


Adaptive Interference Avoidance for Dynamic Wireless Systems

Catalin Lacatus, University of Texas at San Antonio, US; Dimitrie Popescu, Old Dominion University, US


A Game-Theoretic Approach to Utility-Based Power Control in Multi-Carrier DS/CDMA Systems

Lin Fang and Rui J.P. de Figueiredo, University of California, Irvine, US


Differentiated Service Classes Over Multiple Beam Antennas

Anurag Gupta, Vivek Jain and Dharma Agrawal, University of Cincinnati, US


Uplink Receiver Design based on Particle Filtering for SDMA Digital Communication Systems

Yuji Meng, Qinye Yin and Ke Deng, Xi'an Jiaotong University, CN


Addressing Deafness Problems in Wireless Ad-hoc Networks with Directional Antennas

Kai Chen and Fan Jiang, University of Science and Technology of China, CN

14:00 -16:00

Technical Sessions


Consumer and Industrial Applications of Wireless Sensor Networks (Special Session)

Chair: Yi Shang, University of Missouri-Columbia, US


Dynamic Balancing of Push and Pull in a Distributed Traffic Information System

Qingfeng Huang, Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) Inc., US; Ying Zhang, Palo Alto Research Center, US


An Adaptive Framework with Multiple Schemes for Event and Query Distribution in Wireless Sensor Networks

Vincent Tam, University of Hong Kong, HK


Adaptive Traffic Light Control with Wireless Sensor Networks

Malik Tubaishat, University of Missouri - Columbia, US 


On Concealed Data Aggregation for Wireless Sensor Networks

Steffen Peter, IHP, DE; Krzysztof Piotrowski, IHP, DE; Peter Langendoerfer, ihp-microelectronics, DE


Wireless Sensor Networks for Intensive Irrigated Agriculture

Yang Wang, Liusheng Huang, Junmin Wu and Hongli Xu, University of Science and Technology of China, CN


Sensing Driven Clustering for Monitoring and Control Applications

Yen-Ting Lin and Seapahn Megerian, University of Wisconsin Madison, US


Delay Tolerant Networks (Special Session)

Chairs: Kun Tan, Microsoft Research Asia, China; Zhensheng Zhang, San Diego Research Center, US


Custodial Multicast in Delay Tolerant Networks

Susan Symington, The MITRE Corporation, US; Robert Durst, MITRE Corporation, DZ; Keith Scott, MITRE, US


Modeling Redundance-based Routing in Delay Tolerant Networks

Yong Liao and Lixin Gao, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, US; Kun Tan, Microosft Research Asia, CN; Zhensheng Zhang, San Diego Research Center, US


Experiences from Deploying a Real-life DTN System

Anders Lindgren, Luleå University of Technology, SE; Avri Doria, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), KR


Interplanetary Overlay Network

Scott Burleigh, NASA/JPL, US


Performance Evaluations of Various Message Ferry Schemes with Two Traffic Classes

Mooi Choo Chuah and Peng Yang, Lehigh University, US


Packet-level Diversity Reception in Cell Border Regions with DVB-H

Gunther May, Technical University of Braunschweig, DE


Ad hoc Networks (Lecture)

Chair: Raymond Wong, University of New South Wales, AU


Cross-Layer Design for Optimizing the Performance of Clusters-Based Application Layer Schemes in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Chunyan Fu and Ferhat Khendek, Concordia University, CA; Roch Glitho, Ericsson Canada, CA


An Efficient Algorithm for Constructing Connected Dominating Set in Ad Hoc Networks

Bolian Yin, Hongchi Shi and Yi Shang, University of Missouri, US


An Efficient Cluster-Based Broadcasting Scheme in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks

PR Fan, University of Illinois, US


Data Rate and Fragmentation Aware Ad hoc Routing

Tamer Nadeem and Nazif Tas, University of Maryland, US


Efficient Geometric Routing in Ad-hoc Wireless Networks

Van Chhieng, Ryan Choi and Raymond Wong, University of New South Wales, AU


Ensuring Cache Freshness in On-demand Routing Protocols for Mobile Ad Hoc Network: A Cross-layer Framework

Ashish Shukla, Freescale Semiconductor India Pvt Limited, IN


Security Issues (Lecture)

Chair: King-Shan Lui, The University of Hong Kong, China


Effective Reporting (ER) for Mobile Host-based Security and Forensics

Scot Ransbottom and Grant Jacoby, United States Military Academy, US


Contents Sharing for Dummies: A Secure and Usable Mechanism in Wi-Fi Infrastucture Home Network

Sung-Min Lee, Samsung Electronics, KR


Privacy Protection among Drivers in Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication Neworks

Nader Rabadi and Syed Mahmud, Wayne State University, US


A Three-Pass Protocol for Cryptography Based on Padding for Wireless Networks

André Gustavo Degraf Uchôa, Marcelo Pellenz, Altair Santin and Carlos Maziero, Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná, PUCPR, BR


Substanciating Unexpected Behaviour of 802.11 Wireless Networks

Elankayer Sithirasenan, Griffith University, AU


Chain-based Anonymous Routing for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

Reza Shokri, Nasser Yazdani and Ahmad Khonsari, University of Tehran, IR


Media Streaming (Lecture)

Chair:  Bin Wei, AT&T Research, US


TCP Congestion Control Enhancements for Streaming Media

Hideyuki Shimonishi, NEC, JP; Takayuki Hama, NEC Corporation, JP; Tutomu Murase, NEC Corp., JP


Buffering Control Methods and Streaming Protocol Extensions for Adaptive Media Streaming

Sachin Deshpande, Sharp Laboratories of America, US; Anders Klemets, Microsoft, US


A Scalable Peer-to-Peer IPTV System

Meng-Ting Lu, Hung Nien, Jui-Chieh Wu, Kuan-Jen Peng, Polly Huang, Jason Yao and Homer Chen, National Taiwan University, TW; Chih-Chun Lai, Institute for Information Industry, TW


Content Aware Media Server for Multimedia Home Network

Georgiy Pekhteryev, Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs., US; Fernando Matsubara, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, JP


An Efficient Caching Scheme for On-Demand Streaming Service on Overlay Networks


Hui Guo, Kwok-Tung Lo, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HK; Jiang Li, Howard University, US


A Multi-Agent Method for Streaming Quality Monitoring and Analysis over Media Grid

Xiaorong Li, Terence Hung, Hoong-Maeng Chan, Quoc-Thuan Ho, Wei Jie and Xiuju Fu, Institute of High Performance Computing, SG,  David Ong, Nanyang Technological University; Bharadwaj Veeravalli, National Uniersity of Singapore, SG; Stephen Turner, Nanyang Technological University, SG


Media Support (Lecture)

Chair: Daniel Amyot, University of Ottawa, CA


DCT Based Fast 4X4 Intra-Prediction Mode Selection

Jun-Ho Jeong and David Nyeongkyu Kwon, Samsung Electronics, KR


Time Synchronization of New Devices in Ad-hoc Multimedia Networks

Manikanden Balakrishnan, New Mexico State University, US; Larry Taylor, Staccato Communications, US


Combining VoiceXML with CCXML: A Comparative Study

Daniel Amyot and Renato Simoes, University of Ottawa, CA


SIP-based Management Architecture for Large-Scale Home Conferencing Using IPTV

Yeong-hun Cho, JaeWook Nah, Moon-Sang Jeong, Jin-Gu Lee and Jong Park, Kyungpook National University, KR


A User-Controlled Priority Selection Strategy for Multiplayer Games

Brian Carrig and David Denieffe, Institute of Technology, Carlow, IE; John Murphy, University College Dublin, IE


H-SIP Inter-Domain SIP Mobility: Design

Joud Khoury and Chaouki Abdallah, University of New Mexico, US; Henry Jerez, Corporation for National Research Initiatives, US


User Mobility and Handoff (Lecture)

Chair: John Barr, Motorola, US


Case Study of Mobility Support for IPv4/IPv6 Transition Mechanisms over IPv6 Backbone Networks

Linda Jiang Xie, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, US


Movement Prediction Assisted Fast Handovers for Seamless IP Mobility

Andre Bergh, University of Cape Town, ZA


Handover Management based on the Number of Frame Retransmissions for TCP over WLANs

Kazuya Tsukamoto and Yuji Oie, Kyushu Institute of Technology, JP; Shigeru Kashihara, Nara Institute of Science and Technoogy, JP


The Optimization of Location Management

Xiwei Zhao, Florida International University, US


A Novel Mechanism to Support Mobility of Users in Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Multiple Static Sinks

Euisin Lee, Younghwan Choi, Soochang Park, Donghun Lee, Sang-Sik Kim and Sang-Ha Kim, Chungnam National University, KR


A Dynamic Hierarchical Mobility Management Protocol for Next Generation Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks

Helen Zhou and Ch Yeh, Queens Univ., CA; Hussein Mouftah, University of Ottawa, CA


Saturday, Jan. 13, 2007

9:00 -10:20

Technical Sessions I


Multimedia over Wireless and Packet Network (Special Session)

Chairs: Dan Lelescu, DoCoMo Communications Laboratories, US; Dirceu Cavendish, NEC Labs America, US


High Definition, Anywhere: How Ultra Wideband Makes Wireless HDMI Possible

Rajeev Krishnamoorthy. Tzero Technologies, US


Exploiting Fault Tolerance Towards Power Efficient Wireless Multimedia Applications

Ahmed Eltawil, Amin Khajeh Djahromi and Fadi Kurdahi, University of California, Irvine, US


Intra Prediction by Averaged Template Matching Predictors

Thiow Keng Tan, M-Sphere Consulting Pte. Ltd., SG; Choong Seng Boon and Yoshinori Suzuki, NTT DoCoMo, Inc., JP


Aggregate Rate-controlled Service Discipline Enabling Packet Switched Networks with Deterministic Delay Bound

Maksim Azarov, SMSC, US


Autonomic Communications I (Special Session)

Chair: Xiaoyuan Gu, Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany


A Framework for Efficient Discovery of Web Services across Heterogeneous Registries

Eyhab Al-Masri and Qusay Mahmoud, University of Guelph, CA


Self-Management in Heterogenous Networks using a Service-Oriented Architecture

Claudia Baltes, Kaiserslautern University of Technology, DE; Patrick Koppen, Fundemental Generic Networking GmbH, DE; Paul Mueller, University of Kaiserslautern, DE


Autonomous Context Data Dissemination in Heterogeneous and Dynamic Environments

Carsten Jacob, Fraunhofer FOKUS, DE; David Linner, Technical University Berlin, DE; Stephan Steglich, TU Berlin / FhI FOKUS, DE; Ilja Radusch, Technische Universität Berlin, DE


An Immunologically-inspired Adaptation Mechanism for Evolvable Network Applications, 

Chonho Lee and Junichi Suzuki, University of Massachusetts, Boston, US


Physical and MAC Layer Issues (Lecture)

Chair: Jun Yang, Philips Research North America, US


Non-coherent Detection for SFH/BFSK Interfered by an Uncoordinated FH System

Yi-Chen Chen, University of Washington, US


A Simplified Design for MIMO System with Symbol Spreading

Jun Yang, Philips Research North America, US; Monisha Ghosh,  Philips Research USA, US


Performance Analysis of Hybrid Medium Access Protocol for Wireless PANs

Lin Cai, Kuang-Hao Liu, Humphrey Rutagemwa, Sherman Shen and Jon Mark, University of Waterloo, CA


On the Analysis of Efficient Hybrid MAC Protocol for Ad Wireless Sensor Networks

Kai Chen, University of Science and Technology of China, CN


OFDM (Lecture)

Chair: Samuel Mo, Panasonic, US


Hybrid Link Adaptation for ICI Adjustment in OFDMA Cellular Uplink Systems

Jin-Woo Lee, Seoul National University, KR; Yong-Hwan Lee, Seoul National University, KR


A Neural Network Pre-Distorter for the Compensation of

HPA Nonlinearity: Application to Satellite Communications

Rafik Zayani, University Tunis ElManar ISI, TN; Ridha Bouallegue, Ecole Nationale d'Ing¡§¦nieurs de Sousse, TN


Applications of Level Crossing Theory to Clipping Noise Characterization in Filtered OFDM Signals

Jacek Ilow, Dalhousie University, CA; Parvathy Venkatasubramanian, Dalhousie University, CA


Blind Carrier Frequency Offset Estimation in MIMO-OFDM without Virtual Carriers

Yuji Meng, Qinye Yin and Ming Luo, Xi'an Jiaotong University, CN


Routing Protocols (Lecture)

Chair:  Marcin Matuszewski, Nokia Research Center, FI


Using Advertised Rate for Multi-Path Relative Maxmin Routing

Dan-Han Tsai, Wei Tsai and Pohao Huang, University of California, Irvine, US


Deliberation and Implementation of Adaptive Fuzzy Logic based Security Level Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Network

Lu Jin, Zhongwei Zhang and Hong Zhou, University of Southern Queensland, AU


Resource Sharing and Discovery on top of IMS

Marcin Matuszewski and Miguel A. Garc¡§ªa-Mart¡§ªn, Nokia Research Center, FI; Nicklas Beijar, Helsinki University of Technology, FI; Juuso Lehtinen, Networking Laboratory, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland, FI


SINR-based Routing in Multi-hop Wireless Networks to Improve VoIP Applications Support

Riadh Kortebi, Djamal-Eddine Meddour and Yvon Gourhant, France Telecom R&D, FR; Agoulmine Nazim, University of EVRY, FR


Pervasive Support (Lecture)

Chair: Rob Fish, Panasonic, US


PACMAN: a Policy-based Architecture for Context Management in Ambient Networks

Nancy Samaan, Hamid Harroud and Ahmed Karmouch, University of Ottawa, CA


An Architecture for Composing Registries when Ambient Networks Compose

Fatna Belqasmi, Rachida Dssouli and Ferhat Khendek,  University of Concordia, CA; John Mattam, Concordia University, CA; Roch Glitho, Ericsson Canada, CA


A Social Query Protocol for User-level Information Exchange

Samir Saklikar and Subir Saha,  Motorola India Research Lab, IN


Presence Aware Location-Based Service For Managing Mobile Communications

Vishal Singh and Henning Schulzrinne, Columbia University, US; Piotr Boni, Boris Elman and David Kenneson, Verizon Communications, US


Power-based Routing (Lecture)

Chair: Rajendra Boppana, Univ. of Texas at San Antonio, US


Collaboration in Routing and Power Management Function for Selfish Power Off in Mobile Ad hoc Networks

Toshihiro Suzuki, Ashiq Khan, Motonari Kobayashi and Masanori Morita, NTT DoCoMo, Inc., JP


Energy Balanced in-Network Aggregation Using Multiple Trees in Wireless Sensor Networks

Byoung Yong Lee, Kyungseo Park and Ramez Elmasri, University of Texas at Arlington, US


Maximum Lifetime Routing in Wireless Sensor Network by Minimizing Various Chemical Limitations of a Practical Battery

Kumar Padmanabh and Rajarshi Roy, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, IN


Energy-aware Routing based on Runtime Power Consumption

Ho Joon Lee and Ji Young Yi, Yonsei university, KR

10:40 -12:20

Technical Sessions II


Recent Advances in P2P Networking and Communications (Special Session)

Chairs: Heather Yu, Panasonic, US; Zhu Liu, AT&T Research Labs, US


Parallelizing Peer-to-Peer Overlays with Multi Destination Routing

John Buford, Panasonic Princeton Lab, US; Alan Brown, University of Stirling, UK; Mario Kolberg, University of Stirling, UK  


An Integrated Peer-to-Peer Data and Service Dissemination System

Emre Celebi and Phyllis Frankl, Polytechnic University, US; John Buford, Panasonic Princeton Lab, US


Low Cost Peer-to-Peer Collaborative Caching for Clusters

Mohammad Akon, Ajit Singh and Sherman Shen, University of Waterloo, CA


Disjoint Multipath QoS Routing

Xinhua Zhuang and Shangming Zhu, University of Missouri-Columbia, US


Top-down Connectivity Policy Framework for Mobile Peer-to-Peer Applications

Otso Kassinen, Mika Ylianttila, Jun-Zhao Sun and Jussi Ala-Kurikka, University of Oulu, FI


Autonomic Communications II (Special Session)

Chairs: John Strassner, Motorola Research Labs, US;  Jiang Xie, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, US 


Seamless Mobility and Autonomic Computing

John Strassner, Motorola Labs, US; Xiaoyuan Gu, Technical University of Braunschweig, DE


A Proactive Policy-based Management Approach Towards Autonomic Communications, 

Xiaoyuan Gu,  Technical University of Braunschweig, DE; Torsten Klie, TU Braunschweig, IBR, DE; Lars Wolf, TU Braunschweig, IBR, DE


KEPPAN: Towards Autonomic Communications in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks,

Martin Lopez-Nores, Jose Juan Pazos-Arias, Jorge Garcia-Duque, Ana Fernandez-Vilas and Rebeca Diaz-Redondo, University of Vigo, ES


On Autonomic QoS Provisioning for Voice over IP Services

Thomas Bohnert and Edmundo Monteiro, University of Coimbra, PT


A Proactive Fault-Tolerant Management Algorithm for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Adel Iskander and Akmal Younis, University of Miami, US


Wireless Sensor Networks (Special Session)

Chair:  Yoohwan Kim, University of Nevada at Las Vegas, US


TTM: An Efficient Mechanism to Detect Wormhole Attacks in Wireless Ad-hoc Networks

Phuong Tran, Sungyoung Lee and Young-Koo Lee, Kyung Hee University, South Korea, KR


Optimizing a Data Routing Protocol's Influence on Communication Connectivity

Md Ashiqur Rahman and Sajid Hussain, Acadia University, CA


Cluster-based Reputation and Trust for Wireless Sensor Networks

Garth Crosby, Florida International University, US


Data Management Services for Sensor Grids

Hock Lim, National University of Singapore, SG


RMTool: Component-Based Network Management System for Wireless Sensor Networks

Inuk Jung, University of Yonsei, KR; Hojung Cha, Yonsei University, S. Korea, US


Ultra Wideband (Lecture)

Chair:  Linda Jiang Xie, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, US


Efficient MMSE Multistage Filtering Schemes with Filter-Stage Adaptation Criteria for Ultrawide Bandwidth Signals

Chia-Chang Hu and Yong-Sheng Cheng, National Chung-Cheng University, TW; Hsuan-Yu Lin, Telecom Technology Center, TW


Utility-Based Scheduling for UWB Networks Using Discrete

Stochastic Optimization

Kuang-Hao Liu and Sherman Shen, University of Waterloo, CA; Lin Cai, University of Victoria, CA


UWB MISO Time Reversal With Energy Detector Receiver Over ISI Channels

Nan Guo, Tennessee Tech University, US


A Novel QoS-Guaranteed Power-Efficient Management Scheme for IEEE 802.15.3 HR-WPAN

Yifeng Guo, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, CN; Geng-Sheng Kuo, National Chengchi University, TW; Kai Miao.  Intel Research Lab., CN


An Approach for the Analysis of UWB Interference on Third-Generation (3G) Wireless Networks

Gustavo Nader, MSV, US; Annamalai Annamalai, Virginia Tech., US


Energy Conservation (Lecture)

Chair: Gary Chan, HKUST, China


A Network Connectivity Power-Saving Mechanism for Mobile Devices in DLNA Home Networks

Dimitris Kalofonos, Nokia, US; Mika Saaranen, Nokia Corporation, FI


Energy Efficient Cluster Formation Using Multi-Criterion Optimization for Wireless Sensor Networks

Nauman Aslam, William Phillips and Bill Robertson, Dalhousie University, CA; Shyamala Sivakumar, Saint Marry University, CA


An Energy-Efficient Scheduling MAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks

Jaesub Kim, Keuntae Park and Daeyeon Park, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, KR


Power Modeling and Power Analysis for IEEE 802.15.4: a Concurrent State Machine Approach

Marcello Mura, ALaRI- Universit¡§¡è della Svizzera Italiana, CH


Utility Constrained Energy Minimization In Aloha Networks

Amirmahdi Khodaian, Babak Hossein Khalaj and Mohammad Talebi, Sharif University of Technology, IR


Collaborative Media and Security (Lecture)

Chair: Wenjun Zeng,  Univ. of Missouri-Columbia, US


Fairness in Multi-Player Online Games on Deadline-Based Networks

Ellen Liu, Univeristy of Manitoba, CA; Anh Le, University of Waterloo, CA


Extended Multicast Connectivity Solution for Multi-party Collaborative Environments

Namgon Kim and JongWon Kim, GIST (Gwangju Institute of Science & Technology), KR


Designing a Resource-Reuseable T-Learning System

Kai-Shin Chen, Hao-Ping Hung and Ming-Syan Chen, National Taiwan University, TW


XMPP and iDTV or How to Make Television a Social Medium

Michiel Ide, Kevin Hoekman, Tom Deryckere and Luc Martens, Ghent University, BE


Decentralization of the Current PKI Infrastructure without Losing Backward Compatibility

Vesselin Tzvetkov, Arcor Ag&Co KG, DE


Mobility Management and Applications (Lecture)

Chair: Tao Wu, Nokia Research Center, US


A Megaco Based-Architecture for Controlling Media Mixers When Conferencing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Dhafer Ben Khedher and Rachida Dssouli, Concordia University, CA; Roch Glitho, Ericsson Canada, CA


Seamless Streaming Transfer Method between Devices within Mobile Personal Area Networks

Hiroshi Mineno, Shizuoka University, JP


A Multiplatform OSGi Based Architecture for Developing Road Vehicle Services

Jose Santa, Benito Ubeda and Antonio Gomez-Skarmeta,  University of Murcia, ES


A Lightweight Remote Display Management Protocol for Mobile Devices

Nitya Narasimhan, Michael Pearce and Craig Janssen, Motorola Labs, US; Yibing Song, Goldman Sachs, US


A Framework for End-User Programming of Smart Homes using Mobile Devices

Paul Wisner, Nokia, US; Dimitris Kalofonos, Nokia, US

14:00 -16:00

Technical Sessions III


Application of Wireless and Sensor Networks on Medical and Health Care (Special Session)

Chairs: Yang Xiao, Univ. of Alabama; Jens Jahnke, Yvonne Coady and Kui Wu, Univ. of Victoria, CA


Architecture Concept of a Wireless Body Area Sensor Network for Health Monitoring of Elderly People

Sana Saadaoui, TU Braunschweig, IBR: Institute of Operating Systems and Computer Networks, DE; Lars Wolf, TU Braunschweig, IBR, DE


Wireless Telemedicine and M-Heath

Yang Xiao, The University of Alabama, US; Fei Hu, Rochester Insitute of Technology, US


Towards A Secure, RFID/Sensor Based Tele-cardiology System

Fei Hu, Rochester Insitute of Technology, US; Yang Xiao,  The University of Alabama, US; Sunil Kumar, San Diago State University, US


A Sensor Network Architecture for Cardiac Health Monitoring

Kathy Liszka, The University of Akron, US


On Security Attacks in Healthcare WSNs implemented on 802.15.4 Beacon Enabled Clusters

Jelena Misic, Feresteh Amini and Moazzam Khan,  University of Manitoba, CA




Content Distribution/Streaming and Its Commercial Applications (Special Session)

Chairs: Yang Guo, Corporate Research, Thomson Inc., US; Hang Liu, Corporate Research, Thomson Inc., US  


Selective Walk Searching Algorithm for Gnutella Network

Yan Xu,  Thomson Broadband R&D (Beijing) Co., Ltd, CN; Xiaojun Ma,  Thomas Broadband R&D Co. Ltd, CN; Charles Wang, Thomson Inc., US


Scheduled Delivery of Large Size Media Content in Content Distribution Networks

Jun Li, Thomson Inc., US; Kumar Ramaswamy, Thomson Inc., US


Issues in Offering Live P2P Streaming Service to Residential Users

Nazanin Magharei and Reza Rejaie, University of Oregon, US; Yang Guo,  Thomson, Inc, US


Peer-to-Peer-based Infrastructure Support for Massively Multiplayer Online Games

Simon Rieche and Klaus Wehrle,  RWTH Aachen University, DE; Marc Fouquet, University of Tuebingen, DE; Heiko Niedermayer, University of Tuebingen, DE; Leo Petrak, University of Tuebingen, DE; Georg Carle, Universitaet Tuebingen, DE


A Development Platform for Wireless Sensor Networks with Biomedical Application

Zachary Walker, Melody Moh and Teng Moh, San Jose State University, US


Pricing Models of Inter-Domain Multicasting Applications

Jinjing Zhao, Peidong Zhu, and  Xicheng Lu,  National University of Defense Thechnology, CN


Integrated Home Network based on P2P Technologies (Special Session)

Chair: Nobuo Saito, Keio University, JP


Implementation of AV Streaming System using Peer-to-Peer Communication

Hiroshi Tsutsui,  Kyoto University, JP


Overview of Peer-to-Peer Universal Computing Consortium (PUCC): Background, Current Status and Future Plan

Nobuo Saito and Kazuhiro Kitagawa, Keio University, JP


PUCC Architecture, Protocols and Applications

Norihiro Ishikawa, Takeshi Kato and Hiromitsu Sumino,  NTT DoCoMo, JP; Shingo Murakami and Johan Hjelm,  Ericsson Research, SE


Home Appliance Control from Mobile Phones

Hiromitsu Sumino,  NTT DoCoMo, JP


Design and Implementation of Printing Protocol for Mobile Phones

Tomoyuki Osano and Norihiro Ishikawa,  NTT DoCoMo, Inc., JP; Kazuhiro Kitagawa, Keio University, JP; Fumio Nagasaka, Seiko EPSON, JP


A Peer-to-Peer Bare PC VoIP Application

Gholam Khaksari, Alexander Wijesinha, Ramesh Karne, Long He and Sandeep Girumala, Towson University, US


Wireless Access (Lecture)

Chair:  Nidal Nasser, University of Guelph, CA


Multi-Attribute Network Selection by Iterative TOPSIS for Heterogeneous Wireless Access

Farooq Bari, Cingular Wireless/ University of British Columbia, US; Victor Leung, The University of British Columbia, CA


A Cross-Layered Network-Adaptive Video Streaming over WLAN: Channel Monitoring and Video Rate Adaptation

SangHoon Park, Hayoung Yoon and JongWon Kim, GIST (Gwangju Institute of Science & Technology), KR


AP Selection Tradeoff for Multi-channel Multi-interface IEEE 802.11 Wireless Mesh Network

Huazhi Gong and JongWon Kim, GIST (Gwangju Institute of Science & Technology), KR; Kitae Nahm, Samsung Information Systems America, US


Optimal Access Point Placement for Target Localization along Trails

Qingguo Wang, University of Missouri-Columbia, US; Yi Shang,  University of Missouri, US


Wireless MAC Protocols for Multimedia Applications in Mesh and Multihop Networks

Chi-Hsiang Yeh, Queen's ECE, CA


A QoS-Adaptive Admission Control Scheme for IEEE 802.16e-based Mobile BWA Networks

Huijuan Yao,  BUPT, CN; Geng-Sheng Kuo,  National Chengchi University, TW


Sensor Networks (Lecture)

Chair: Yi Shang, University of Missouri-Columbia, US


Hybrid Data Dissemination Approach for Sensor Network with Multiple Cooperative Sinks

Sonia Hashish and Ahmed Karmouch, University of Ottawa, CA


Stochastic Beacon Transmission in Wireless Sensor Networks: IEEE 802.15.4 Case

Tae Rim Park, City University of New York, US; Lee, CCNY, US


Embedded Wireless Interconnect for Sensor Networks: Concept and Example

Liang Song and Dimitrios Hatzinakos, University of Toronto, CA


An Improved Multi-Layered Architecture and its Rotational Scheme for Large-Scale Wireless Sensor Networks

Mei Yang, Yoohwan Kim, Yingtao Jiang and Shupeng Wang,  University of Nevada, Las Vegas, US; Ahmed Abdelal, Sonus Networks, US


Grid-based Coordinated Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks

Robert Akl and Uttara Sawant, University of North Texas, US


A Web Services Based-Architecture for the Interactions between End-User Applications and Sink-less Wireless Sensor Networks

Nuru Yakub Othman, Samir Chebbine and Ferhat Khendek,  Concordia University, CA; Roch Glitho, Ericsson Canada, CA


Video Networking (Lecture)

Chair:  Sachin Deshpande, Sharp Laboratories of America, US


Extended Packet Size for Future Video Dominated Network

Henry Wu and George Scheets, Oklahoma State University, US


A Cross Layer Optimization Mechanism to Improve H.264 Video Transmission over WLANs

Yaser Pourmohammadi-Fallah, Darrell Koskinen, Avideh Shahabi, Faizal Karim and Panos Nasiopoulos, University of British Columbia, CA


Efficient Smoothing of Robust VBR Video Traffic by Explicit Slice-based Mode Type Selection

Markus Fidler, University of Toronto, CA; Yuan Lin and Peder Emstad,  Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NO; Andrew Perkis, NTNU, NO


Convergence in Digital Home Communications to redistribute IPTV and High Definition Contents

Josu Bilbao and Igor Armendariz, Ikerlan Technological Research Center, ES


Edge-based TACCS: a More Scalable TACCS based on Cooperation of High Functional Edge Nodes

Hiroki Date, Kenta Yasukawa and Katsunori Yamaoka, Tokyo Institute of Technology, JP; Ken-ichi Baba, Osaka University, JP


Cure for Spam over Internet Telephony

Janne Lindqvist and Miika Komu,  Helsinki University of Technology, FI


Home Networking Middleware (Lecture)

Chair: Alan Messer, Samsung, US


Peer-to-Peer Interconnection of Home Networks

George Harvey, Patrick Maurer and Ying-Ieh Lin, Motorola Labs, US


SHADOW: A Cross-Platform GUI Middleware for Home Devices

Bomjun Kwon, Sungho Yoon, Youngki Ahn, Hyung-Won Jung and Jangseok Seo, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., KR


UPnP Architecture for Distributed Video Voice over IP Applications

Antonio Vilei and Gabriella Convertino, STMicroelectronics, IT; Fabrizio Crudo, stm, IT


A Collaboration Proxy for converging UPnP and Jini devices based on OSGi

Cheng-Liang Lin, National Cheng Kung University, TW


On-Demand Component Deployment in the UPnP Device Architecture

Didier Donsez, Laboratoire LSR IMAG, FR


Implementing Home-control Applications on Service Platform

Johann Bourcier, Clément Escoffier and Philippe Lalanda, Laboratoire LSR IMAG, FR